Dr. Rocque concentrates on sports therapy for children in the Katy area, especially players of football, baseball, gymnasts, wrestling and soccer. He can get kids back on the field with faster recovery. He also offers school physicals for the Katy ISD and surrounding school districts..

In today’s generation of health and fitness, more and more children are playing sports. Although being on a football, soccer or Little League team is an important rite of passage for many children. Parents and their children should discuss the significance of proper nutrition and body-conditioning needed for preventing injuries on and off the playing field.

“Proper warm up, stretching and strength-training exercises are essential for kids involved in sports, but many kids learn improper stretching or weight-lifting techniques, making them more susceptible to injury,” says Dr. Steve Horwitz, an ACA member from Silver Spring, Md., and former member of the U.S. Summer Olympic medical team. “Parents need to work with their kids and make sure they receive the proper sports training.”

“The majority, if not all, sports are good, provided that the child prepares appropriately,” says Dr. Timothy Ray, a member of the American Chiropractic Association’s Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness. “Without proper preparation, playing any sport can turn into a bad experience. There are structural and physical developmental issues that need to be taken into consideration before children undertake certain sports.”